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AdenoPlus Testing

Adenplus used by the north haven eye doctor
AdenoPlus testing now offers our patients an efficient and effective method 
to diagnose the cause most types of "pink eye".
The test takes less than two minutes to complete and provides a definite 
result in just ten minutes. An accurate diagnosis enables Dr Lefland to make 
better therapeutic decisions based on diagnostic evidence and allows 
patients to leave our office better informed and better prepared, knowing if 
their red eye is a viral or bacterial conjunctivitis and whether they can 
return to work.
It has been estimated that at least 6 million cases of acute conjunctivitis 
are diagnosed in the US each year and studies indicate that eye care 
professionals make an accurate clinical diagnosis approximately 50% of the 
time. This is because viral, bacterial, and allergic conjunctivitis – the 
most common types – appear very similar visually, making differential 
diagnosis using only signs and symptoms challenging.
Misdiagnosis represents a major problem, as adenovirus is highly contagious 
and is associated with decreased visual acuity, light sensitivity, excessive 
tear production and vision loss. The majority of conjunctivitis cases result 
in a prescription for antibiotics, even in viral cases when antibiotics are 
not necessary. Inappropriate antibiotic use may increase adverse effects, 
promote resistance and add avoidable costs to the healthcare system.